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Convenient and Effective Storage Products in Minneapolis, MN

Organization is a key factor for businesses, and its equivalent for homeowners is neatness. You can achieve both of those aims thanks to our storage products in Minneapolis, MN, that we offer at West Suburban Innovative Storage (WSIS). We have a range of options to meet your every storage need. Our team provides storage installation services, along with benches and carts.

Multiple Shelving Options

The storage shelves we provide come in various top-quality options, and we have new ones arriving monthly. These affordable storage solutions range in price from $120 to $600. The most popular unit we stock is rivet shelving, which is perfect for everything from archive boxes to general storage. Our full range of products includes:

• Wire Shelving • Steel Shelving • Office Shelving • Shelf Filing Units • Mobile Shelving Units

Racks, Lockers, and Cabinets

When you need pallet storage racks, we have several that will work for you. Our most popular option measures 96”x42”x120”. Our prices range from $250 to $600.

We are sure to sell the storage lockers you are looking for, too. Whether you want to install one in your warehouse or pool house, we can accommodate the need. Our lockers are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, which makes them extremely popular with customers from police stations to offices to factories. We find that the most in-demand unit is our single-tiered model. Prices range from $100 to $1000.

Sturdiness is what customers demand from storage cabinets, and that’s what we provide in ours. We have units that are suitable for home or office. They are available for between $125 and $800. Our most popular model is the standard storage cabinet, but we also carry:

• Bin Cabinets • Drawer Cabinets • Wardrobe Cabinets

At Your Service

If you need assistance in getting your top-class storage or shelving unit into place, you can depend on us. Our team can unload or install each locker unit properly. We’re prompt, experienced, accurate, and effective, so contact us today for a quote. Prices vary on the size of units or your order.